Pakistan keen to allow U.S. use its airspace for military operations in Afghanistan


Pakistan is keen to allow the United States military use its airspace for military operations in Afghanistan, it has been reported. (File Photo – U.S. Military)

Sources privy of the development have confirmed to CNN that negotiations are underway between Washington and Islamabad in this regard, with the two sides nearing a formal agreement in this regard.

Pakistan has expressed a desire to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in exchange for assistance with its own counterterrorism efforts and help in managing the relationship with India, one of the sources quoted in a report by CNN said.

The Taliban group had claimed that the U.S. drones still ‘occupy’ the airspace of Afghanistan, calling it a move against the commitments of Doha agreement.

In a statement posted late in September, the group said the United States has recently resorted to occupation of Afghanistan’s airspace by flying unmanned aerial vehicles.

Urging US to consider international laws and regulations while interacting with Afghanistan, the group warned that such violations could have grave repercussions.

The U.S. military announced the completion of troops withdrawal and the end of its 20-year mission in Afghanistan on August 30, 2021.



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