Pakistani father sets house on fire over daughter’s love marriage, leaving 7 dead


In the latest spate of honour killings in Pakistan, a Pakistani man set the house of his daughter on fire after she married a man, without his consent. (Representational File Photo – Reuters)

The incident took place in Muzaffargarh, a city in Punjab province of Pakistan, late on Saturday night, August 16, 2021.

The house was shared by the two sisters, Fauzia Bibi and Khurshid Mai, one of whom, had married a man she was in love with – a move which her father disapproved.

Seven people, including children, three children aged two, six and 13, and a four-month-old toddler, lost their lives in the house fire.

The local police confirmed that the accused, Manzoor Hussain, managed to flee the area after setting the house fire, and an operation is underway to arrest him.

Mehboob Ahmad, who survived the incident, said he had married with Fauzia Bibi around 18 months ago, against the wishes of her father.

He has filed an FIR against Hussain and his son, Sabir Hussain, accusing them of setting the house on fire to avenge the marriage.

Hundreds of women become victims of honour killings in Pakistan every year, mainly due to marriages without consent or wishes of their families, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.



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