Police investigate hateful graffiti at Sikh Gurdwara in Calgary


The Calgary Police say Graffiti found on the road outside of the Sikh Society Gurdwara in the southwest is being investigated as a hate-motived crime.

Unknown individual(s) painted two hateful phrases were painted on roads outside the temple with arrows pointing towards the building, sometime between 9 p.m., on Sunday, Oct. 24, 2021, and 7 a.m., the next morning, the Calgary Police said in a statement.

The Gurdwara is located at 739 81 St S.W., and the two painted phrases were found along 81 Street and Old Banff Coach Road S.W.

Sergeant Gareth Joels from the Calgary Police Service Hate Crimes and Extremism Unit said “It is unacceptable that anyone in our community feels okay making such derogatory statements about their neighbours, even more so when they went out of their way to make sure that the people they targeted would see it.”

“No one should have to read messages like this on their way to worship or anywhere else in our city,” Sergeant Joels said, adding that “Graffiti that targets a particular racial or religious community has far-reaching effects in the community as it makes everyone who sees it question their sense of safety and belonging in our city.”

The Calgary Police also added anyone with information about this incident is asked to call our non-emergency number at 403-266-1234.



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