PURE75 gel hand sanitizer poses serious health risks, warns Health Canada


The Health Canada on Thursday announced that PURE75 gel hand sanitizer poses serious health risks, urging the Canadians to stop using the product.

According to a statement released by Health Canada, test performed by the department revealed that the product contains an undeclared impurity, methanol, at elevated levels.

The statement further added that methanol can cause serious health issues and is not authorized for use in hand sanitizers.

“Frequent exposure to hand sanitizers containing elevated levels of methanol may cause skin irritation, eye irritation, breathing problems, and headaches. If swallowed, methanol can cause severe adverse reactions, including death,” the statement said.

The Health Canada also added that it has cancelled the licence of the importing company, Haywick Industries, after it failed ot comply with the requests to stop selling and recall the product.

In addition, the Health Canada said it suspended Haywick Industries’ site licence, which means it cannot manufacture, package, label, or import hand sanitizer products.



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