Quebec government investing $52 million in fight against firearms and crime


The Quebec government is investing nearly $52 million to combat firearms and crime in the province. (File Photo – Quebec Police)

The provincial government will spend the funds through six programs in a bid to expedite efforts in combatting firearms and crime.

The program for the prevention of delinquency through sport, the arts and culture, will receive $11.3 million over the next five years.

The Additional funding for crime prevention, implemented in 2020-2021, will receive an additional amount of $9 million for the next five years.

Furthermore, the provincial government will grant $20.2 million to Funding program for the mission of community street work organizations in crime prevention over the four years.

The Montreal Urban Security Strategic Committee will receive $8 million over four years, the Social integration and liaison team for the metropolitan region will receive $3.1 million over five years, and the Hiring of an Aboriginal community development advisor program will receive a grant of $ 366,000 over 4 years.

The announcement comes in the wake of recent measures taken by the Government of Quebec to respond to the increase in armed violence, in particular through Operation Centaure, and following the adoption of the Strategy to Combat Violence related to firearms.



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