Rare ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse to cast shadow over Canada next week


A rare ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse will cast shadow over Canada on 10th of June when the moon passes between the Earth and Sun.

The best views of the solar eclipse will also be available from Russia and Greenland.

The path of the eclipse starts at sunrise in Ontario, Canada (on the north side of Lake Superior), then circles across the northern reaches of the globe, according to Bruce McClure of EarthSky.

“Midway along the path, the greatest eclipse occurs at local noon in northern Greenland. Afterwards, the annular eclipse path swings by the Earth’s North Pole. It ends at sunset over northeastern Siberia,” McClure said in his report.

Also known as an annular eclipse, the rare sight happens when the Sun, Moon and the Earth align together to form a vibrant coloured ring around the Moon, covering the sun.

Meanwhile, Europe, Asia, Arctic and Atlantic regions will witness a partial solar eclipse.



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