Royal Canadian Navy ship makes the largest heroin bust in history


A Royal Canadian Navy ship has made the largest heroin bust in the history and seized more than 1,286 kilograms of heroin.

The HMCS Calgary, a Royal Canadian Navy Ship, made the bust during an operation in the Arabia Sea late last month.

“@HMCSNCSMCalgary is proud to announce we’ve made the largest heroin bust in Combined Maritime Forces history after a recent search of a suspicious vessel in the Arabian Sea led to a seizure of 1,286 kg of heroin,” the HMCS Calgary said in a brief statement.

The statement further added “To top it off, less than 24-hours later, we made a second big bust of 360 kg of methamphetamine. It’s great to be out here, working with Combined Task Force 150, and making a difference by cutting off the revenue streams of criminal and terrorist organizations.”

According to reports, the value of the drugs seized by HMCS Calgary is estimated to be around 23 million Dollars.



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