Russia reacts as Tajikistan and Taliban beef up military presence along the border


Russia reacted to the growing tensions between Tajikistan and the Taliban as the two sides have recently beefed up military presence along the border.

“We are observing with concern the growing tension in Tajik-Afghan relations against the background of the mutually acrimonious statements by the leaders of both countries,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department Alexey Zaitsev said at a briefing.

Zaitsev further added that there are reports of the sides pulling armed forces to the shared border.

He also added Moscow is urging Dushanbe and Kabul to seek mutually acceptable alternatives to settle the current situation.

This comes as the government of Tajikistan condemned the lack of diversity in the newly-formed interim government led by Taliban.

Furthermore, Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon, warned that the developments in Afghanistan pose a serious threat to the regional security and stability.

Meanwhile, the Taliban group has warned Dushanbe against interfering in its internal affairs, and in response has deployed thousands of its special forces in Takhar province, bordering Tajikistan.



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