Russia says Taliban offensive running out of steam as the group lacks resources


A senior Russian official has said the Taliban offensive in Afghanistan is running out of steam as the group lacks resources to take over major cities. (Photo – Afghan Special Operations Corps deploy Commandos to battle Taliban in Lashkargah city)

Alexander Vikantov, deputy head of information and press at the ministry of foreign affairs of Russia, quoted by Interfax news agency said the Taliban group lacks resources to take over and hold major cities including the capital Kabul.

Vikantov further added that the offensive of the group is gradually running out of steam.

Furthermore, Vikantov said Russia would continue to press for peace talks.

This comes as the Taliban group made rapid territorial gains in the rural areas of Afghanistan during the last few months.

The Taliban militants have turned their attention to provincial capitals recently as heavy fighting in western Herat, southern Lashkargah and Kandahar cities.



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