SIU discontinues investigation into serious injuries suffered by Toronto woman


The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) discontinued investigation into serious injuries suffered by a Toronto woman during an interaction with Toronto Police last month.

“On the afternoon of September 5, 2021, the Toronto Police Service and paramedics were called to attend a residence on Hildenboro Square in Scarborough for a woman in crisis,” SIU said in a statement.

The statement further added the woman quickly went through a set of sliding doors off the second-floor living room and jumped head-first from a balcony onto the driveway below, after the arrival of police and paramedics.

The paramedics transported the woman to hospital where she was treated for a fractured leg.

The SIU’s preliminary inquiries, Director Martino concluded there was patently nothing to investigate as far as the potential criminal liability of any police officer was concerned in connection with the woman’s injury.



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