Taliban issue court summons to former interpreters of Dutch forces in Afghanistan


The Taliban group has issued court summons to several former interpreters of the Dutch forces in Afghanistan, it has been reported.

A local media outlet recently reported that several Afghan interpreters who had previously worked with the Dutch forces, have received court summons from Taliban.

The report further added that the militants have warned the former Dutch interpreters that their families could be prosecuted if they failed to appear in court.

However, a Taliban spokesperson, Ahmadullah Wasiq, has rejected the report as baseless.

In a statement posted online, Wasiq, said “According to Dutch public television, security agencies of IEA have summoned interpreters who worked with Dutch forces.”

Wasiq further added “We reject this report. This is a claim & propaganda attempt. It is possible that some people may be trying to leave the country & seek asylum through such claims.”

This comes as several reports have emerged recently suggesting that the militants have killed several people who had previously worked with the Afghan government or foreign forces.



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