Taliban likely behind the killing of the relative of an Afghan man who helped New Zealand troops


The Taliban militants are likely behind the killing of the relative of an Afghan man who had helped the New Zealand troops in Afghanistan, it has been reported. (File Photo – New Zealand Defense Force)

The victim was on his way to Pakistan where he wanted to apply for the New Zealand visa when he was captured by the militants inside the Afghan soil.

Brutally beaten by militants, the victim managed to arrive in Pakistan but succumbed to his injuries two days later.

“I can confirm that the community law client who died is a family member of a person who was resettled in New Zealand because of their support of the NZDF in Afghanistan,” Community Law Centres O Aotearoa chief executive Sue Moroney told the Stuff.

The victim was among 70 Afghans waiting for a hearing in a Wellington court about how Immigration New Zealand has stalled processing their visas, according to the news outlet.

This comes as the Taliban group had earlier announced a national amnesty, promising that those who had served with the foreign forces and the former government of Afghanistan, would not be persecuted.



  1. سلام عرض میکنم خدمت شما شیرین گل قاری زاده دوختری25ساله ازافغانستان هستم پدرم ومادرم حیات نیست ده 300 بسترپولیس دربخشی داخله به حیث نرس به رتبه دوهم څارنسه سال میشدوظیفه داشتم فعلاشرایطی افغانستان خیلی سخت شده به مثلی من یک دوختر او هم دربخشی پولیس باشد جانش در خطر میباشد،بنابراین از شماخواهشمندم این پیام من را به دفتری خوبی کانادا برسانین چون سخت به کمک نیاز،دارم


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