Taliban militants execute a former interpreter of Australian forces in Afghanistan


The Taliban militants have executed a former interpreter of the Australian forces in Afghanistan, a tragic incident which has taken place despite the group announced an amnesty after the takeover of the country.

The interpreter, who was also serving as an Afghan army officer, was waiting for an Australian humanitarian visa.

Sharhi Rafi, a lawyer representing the family of the slain translator, told ABC Radio that the family of the slain interpret is in a desperate situation.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, has vowed to continue getting the former allies of the Australian government out of Afghanistan.

“It’s a hideous equation for people in Afghanistan, people are rounded up as they try to escape,” Hawke told ABC Radio National.

The Taliban group has not commented regarding the execution of the interpreter so far.

Earlier, the Taliban militants were accused of killing the relative of an Afghan man who had helped the New Zealand troops in Afghanistan.

This comes as the Taliban group announced a national amnesty after taking over Afghanistan in August, promising that those who had served with the foreign forces and the former government of Afghanistan, would not be persecuted.



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