Taliban to ship ‘sophisticated’ U.S. military equipment to China and Iran, warns Trump


The former U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that the Taliban group will ship the ‘most sophisticated’ U.S. military equipment to China and Iran.

Trump has also warned that the group will use some of the advanced equipment, including night-vision goggles during the night fighting in the country.

He made the remarks during an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital.

Slamming the Biden administration for the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan last month, Trump said “We look like we surrendered. We look like we ran. We had F-35 fighter jets – the greatest in the world – and they had knives.”

Taliban captured large quantities of sophisticated U.S. military equipment left behind by the Afghan forces after overrunning the country, including capital Kabul last month.

“They gave a lot of it to the Taliban, and the Taliban doesn’t need all of it, so they are sending a lot of the most sophisticated stuff to China and Iran and they’re sending it to Russia – to re-engineer,” Trump added.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. military disabled hundreds of combat vehicles and aircraft before leaving Kabul.

However, Trump claims that no equipment has been disabled, insisting that China or Russia would fix them very quickly if they are not absolutely perfect.



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