Taliban’s acting Prime Minister breaks silence amid deepening crisis


Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the acting Prime Minister of Taliban, broke silence amid deepening crisis in Afghanistan, accusing the former president of corruption and embezzlement of funds.

Akhund’s audio speech was broadcasted by Afghanistan’s National Radio and Television on Saturday evening following an uproar on social media where the critics slammed him for remaining silent since his appointment as acting Prime Minister.

Accusing the former Afghan leader of corruption and embezzlement of funds, Akhund said “Ghani had established a bank inside the Presidential Palace.”

He went on to claim that the Taliban fighters discovered and seized large quantities of cash left behind by Ashraf Ghani and his team.

In other parts of his speech, Akhund spoke about the general amnesty the group announced following the take over of the country.

He said the leadership of the group has pardoned the former government and military officials. However, he said those who have committed crimes would be punished.

Akhund also spoke about the issue of women’s rights, claiming that the group is committed to ensure the right of women in the light of Islamic law.

Without elaborating further, Akhund promised that the group would ensure the rights of women are respected better than the former government.

Akhund is one of the prominent leaders of the Taliban group who assumed key roles since the establishment of the Taliban movement between 1996 to 2001.



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