Taliban’s Baradar called the U.S. ‘Nuts’ after Afghanistan pullout: Trump


The former U.S. President Donald Trump has claimed that Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar called the United States ‘Nuts’ after receiving a call regarding the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“He gets a call or a message. It said, the military has left. He said, you’re nuts in their language. There’s no way. Sir, the military has left. They’ve abandoned. They’ve surrendered,” Trump claimed while recounting an exchange of what he said happened after Baradar was informed about the U.S. withdrawal.

Trump made the remarks during a rally speech in Georgia on Saturday.

In other parts of his speech, Trump accused Biden of surrendering the US forts and air base in Bagram. “We were going to keep the air base because it’s right next to China and their military institutions and their installations and they have a lot of things surrounding it, and we had this big, beautiful air base that caused billions of dollars to build and we were gone.”

“We didn’t even turn out the lights. And one day we were gone and you know who’s looking at it now and who’s all over it? China. We were never leaving that. We had a perfect plan and they were listening to us,” Trump said.

He also added “For 18 months we didn’t have one soldier killed. They listened to me. I said, you can’t do it, Abdul. We’ll hit you harder than you’ve ever been hit. You can’t do it, and he understood that and he left us alone and we would’ve never moved our military out first.”

Furthermore, Trump also claimed that those evacuated were not eligible to be evacuated, accusing the Biden administration of abandoning ‘hundreds of American citizens in enemy-occupied territory.’



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