Toronto man dies in South Simcoe skydiving incident


A 28-year-old Toronto man has died following a skydiving incident which took place in South Simcoe County of Ontario.

The South Simcoe Police in a statement said “South Simcoe Police are able to confirm that one person has been declared deceased as a result of this event. Police are working in conjunction with the Coroners Office to determine the cause of the incident.”

The statement further added that “Police have learned that the skydiving club plane took off with four sky divers on board. All the skydivers jumped from the plane as planned. The deceased male was separated from the rest during the dive.”

“When the deceased could not be located, emergency services were contacted,” the statement said, adding that a search of the general area located the male in a field nearby.

Without disclosing the identity of the deceased, the South Simcoe Police said “The deceased is a 28-year-old Toronto man. Next of kin have been notified. His name is not being released at this time.”

The South Simcoe Police also added that officers from the South Simcoe Police Criminal Investigation Bureau, Traffic & Marine Services, and Uniform Patrol have all been involved in the investigation.



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