Toronto Police arrest man who sexually assaulted a young woman nearly 9 months ago


The Toronto Police on Thursday arrested a man who had sexually assaulted a young woman nearly nine months ago.

According to a statement released by Toronto Police, the investigators arrested Shane Bashir Suman, 49, of Toronto, in connection with the incident.

The statement further added that Suman has been charged with sexual assault and obtain sexual services for consideration.

The incident took place on February, 15, 2021, when a woman was picked up from Williams Parkway and James Potter Road area in Brampton, and was taken to an undisclosed location in Toronto city, where she was sexually assaulted.

Suman allegedly told the victim he desired 13-year-old girls after assaulting her.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Police, said Suman is scheduled to attend court, remotely, at 1000 Finch Avenue West today, November 4, 2021, in room 306.



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