Trudeau reacts as tensions flare at Israel-Palestinian demonstrations in Canada


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted to the growing tensions over Israeli-Palestinian conflict in two major cities of Canada.

“Everyone has the right to assemble peacefully and express themselves freely in Canada – but we cannot and will not tolerate antisemitism, Islamophobia, or hate of any kind. We strongly condemn the despicable rhetoric and violence we saw on display in some protests this weekend,” Trudeau said in a statement posted online on Twitter.

Police in Montreal and Toronto confirmed they responded to conflicts among protesters and counterprotesters in the two cities.

A conflict erupted among the protesters during a pro-Israel demonstration close to Montreal’s downtown on Sunday afternoon, the Police in Montreal said.

This comes as a large rally was organized in Motreal on Saturday wiht the protesters demanding an immediate end to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, reports emerging from Toronto suggest that the police have laid charges against a couple of protesters and investigate alleged assault during similar demonstrations.

The protests in Montreal and Toronto erupted following the intense airstrikes by Israel over Gaza Strip which reported struck several targets including the home of a senior Hamas leaders.



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