Unauthorized injectable drugs, medical devices seized from a Mississauga Spa


The Health Canada announced Monday it has seized several injectable drugs and medical devices from a Spa in Mississauga Ontario.

According to a statement released by Health Canada, the drugs and medical devices, products labelled to contain botulinum toxin type A or hyaluronic acid were seized from Vivian Spa, located at 11-3415 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario, because they are unauthorized and may pose serious health risks.

The statement further added that these products may have been administered as treatments for cosmetic purposes.

“Selling unauthorized health products in Canada is illegal. Unauthorized health products have not been approved by Health Canada, which means they have not been assessed for safety, effectiveness and quality and may pose serious health risks. They may lack active ingredients, or contain ingredients, additives or contaminated ingredients not listed on the label that could interact with other medications and foods. For all these reasons, unauthorized health products could cause serious health effects,” the statement added.

Botulinum toxin type A is used to treat severe muscle spasms in the neck, eye and foot, as well as chronic migraines, urinary incontinence, and excessive sweating. It is also used for cosmetic purposes to treat facial wrinkling.

Authorized botulinum toxin type A products should only be used under specialist supervision and only if the benefits of treatment are considered to outweigh the risks, Health Canada said, adding that potential risks associated with injecting an unauthorized Botulinum toxin type A product can range from mild local paralysis to death.

Unauthorized injectable drugs carry significant risk due to potential for infection, scarring, allergic reaction, and poor outcomes. These products have not been assessed for safety, effectiveness or quality.

Unauthorized medical devices that have not been licenced for sale in Canada may not meet Health Canada’s standards for safety, effectiveness or quality.



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