US launching new sponsorship program to resettle over 55,600 Afghan evacuees


The Biden Administration is launching a sponsorship-like system in a bid to allow the Americans take part in resettlement process of over 55,000 Afghans who have been living in military bases for the past several weeks.

Groups of at least five Americans could apply to sponsor the Afghan evacuees under the new program, the Sponsor Circle Program.

The groups would be responsible to provide housing, basic necessities, financial support, legal counsel and medical services for at least 90 days, according CBS reported, citing a presentation describing the plan.

The Department of State will jointly launch the new program with Community Sponsorship Hub, a non-governmental organization that will oversee online applications from prospective sponsors.

A source familiar with the effort told CBS News that the hub will connect sponsors with Afghan families.

Nearly 68,000 Afghan evacuees have arrived in United States since the country launched its massive evacuation program on August 17, with majority of them remaining at eight military bases as the officials work on their immigration paperwork.



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