Vancouver woman violently attacked after refusing sex proposal by a stranger


The Vancouver Police announced Thursday that they are investigating a disturbing attack on a woman, who was sexually propositioned by a stranger, then kicked to the ground, Tuesday afternoon in East Vancouver.

Sergeant Steve Addison of Vancouver Police Department said “The violent and sexual nature of this incident has us very concerned for public safety. We’re telling the public about this case, because we’re worried someone else could get hurt.”

The victim, a 22-year-old South Vancouver resident, was waiting at a bus stop near Knight Street and East 57 Avenue on October 5, when she was approached by a stranger in a red puffy jacket with a fur-lined hood.

The man showed the woman a condom and a pornographic image on his phone before propositioning her for sex, the Vancouver Police said, adding that when the woman refused and walked away, the man kicked her from behind and knocked her to the ground.

The victim was not seriously injured and was able to get up and run away from the suspect, who also fled.

The Vancouver Police Department released a photo of the man obtained security footage of a suspect from a nearby business.

According to Vancouver Police, the suspect is an Asian man in his 20s, with a small build and short, dark hair. He was wearing a red ski jacket, a white hoodie, red pleather pants, and Air Force 1 basketball shoes. He also had a black and red camouflage backpack.

Anyone with information is asked to call VPD’s Sex Crimes Unit at 604-717-0600, the Vancouver Police said.



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