Video: Canadian Coast Guard says fire on cargo ship near Victoria has been stabilized


The Canadian Coast Guard says the harzardous materials firefighters will board the VM Zim Kingston cargo ship tomorrow as the fire on ship has been stabilized.

“Emergency tow vessels, tugs and CCG monitor the ship overnight to ensure the five crew members on the ship are safe, and that the ship remains secured. Further updates will be provided tomorrow,” the Canadian Coast Guard said in a statement posted online late on Sunday.

A fire broke out in ten containers in the ship earlier on Saturday, with Canadian Coast Guard saying fire remained a dynamic event and an Incident Command Post was set up to manage the situation.

Video – Canadian Coast Guard

The Emergency Zone around the ship was increased to 2 NM. The Atlantic Raven replaced the CCGS Captain Goddard M.S.M. and CCGS Cape Calvert was also monitoring the situation earlier today.

The Transport Canada issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) earlier this morning, restricting all aircraft from flying close to a cargo ship which continues to burn close to Victoria.

According to a statement released by Transport Canada, the notice was issued at the request of the Coast Guard Canada.

The statement further added that all aircraft, including drones, are restricted from fling within 2 nautical miles and below 2000 ft of the cargo ship.



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