Video: Transport Canada extends NOTAM restricting all flights close to Zim Kingston


The Transport Canada announced Tuesday it has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), restricting all aircraft, including drones, from flying close to Zim Kingston cargo ship.

“We have issued a NOTAM restricting all aircraft, including drones, from flying within 1 NM or below 2000 ft of the ZIM KINGSTON vessel fire in BC until October 28 at 11h00 PDT,” the Transport Canada said in a statement.

The Canadian Coast Guard on Monday released an aerial footage on Monday which purportedly shows smoldering but no visible flames in the containers.

Video – Canadian Coast Guard

In a separate statement posted online earlier today, the Canadian Coast Guard said 6 firefighters were able to board the ship last night as well as 7 crew from the ship.

The statement further added that the Salvage Master and team will assess the situation today and estimate it may take several days to fully suppress smoldering and fires inside the containers.

A fire broke out in ten containers in the ship earlier on Saturday. The Emergency Zone around the ship was increased to 2 NM on Sunday.



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