‘We will offer a new home for Afghan refugees’: Canada’s Immigration Minister


Canada’s Immigration Minister has said the country will offer a new home for Afghanistan while upholding democracy and human rights in the country.

Marco Mendicino, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), said made the remarks in an online statement Tuesday.

“At the #UNGA, Canada announced we will double our humanitarian resettlement commitment from to 20k 40k Afghan refugees. Through our efforts, we will offer a new home for Afghan refugees while upholding democracy and human rights around the world,” Mendicino said in a statement posted online on Twitter.

This comes as Canada’s Foreign Minister announced Monday that Canada has committed to welcome 40,000 Afghan refugees.

Garneau informed about Canada’s intent to double its humanitarian resettlement commitment from 20,000 to 40,000, while addressing the General Debate of the 76th United Nations General Assembly ‘In Our Hands’.

“Now, faced with a heart wrenching situation in Afghanistan Canadians have once again shown their openness to those who do not wish to live under Taliban rule but prefer to stand up for democracy, human rights and gender equality.”

Garneau further added “In fact, Canadians overwhelmingly called on us to do more. And in response to their generosity and welcoming spirit we have now committed to welcoming 40,000 Afghan refugees to Canada – so that they too can contribute to our success, while we continue to support their efforts for a more peaceful, tolerant world.”



  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    As you know better, with the arrival of U.S. and international community in Afghanistan, a democratic system emerged and this was a good news for Afghans after a long war.
    Over the past 20 years, under the umbrella of democratic system, Afghans especially youth have made good progress, access to education was provided, the basic rights of people were protected, freedom of expression was protected, and it was the opening of a new chapter for the media, and there were many job opportunities for the youth in various fields.
    But the sudden withdrawal of the United States and the capture of Kabul by the Taliban was a surprise to the people. This has eroded all 20 years of progress, the basic rights of citizens are being trampled on every day, youth are unemployed, there is no economic development, media activities are being restricted, journalists are being beaten under various pretexts, and are even threaten with death, there is no freedom of expression which is a basic and fundamental right of the Afghan people.
    I myself, Abdul Azim Safi who had been working for the media for the past ten years as the host of news and political and judicial programs, now I am unemployed and have lost my job. Every day, I face a new threat and feel like when and where the Taliban will kill me and I can’t leave my house out of fear. My economic situation is getting worse day by day, my family is also in danger and I have completely lost my freedom. So I ask the government of the U.S. to grant me a humanitarian parole visa.
    Abdul Azim Safi
    Former RTA journalist and TV presenter

  2. We cand email to Canada embassy until they don’t give any answer our any emails about the immigration Visa we can treating by Taliban here now

  3. Hi, my live is danger in Afghanistan I worked with afghan red crescent society I’m doctors and New I don’t want to work with Taliban regime I want to leave Afghanistan with my family please help me go to Canada

  4. hi sir/ madam,i am Said Ghulam belong to Afghanistan when Taliban captured our country on dated 15Aug21 they starting killing innoncent peoples,stoped girls from school,all their policies against EU,all business are stop including banks,markets etc even their is no way to earn the money to support his family members,peoples need food,water,medicine for living which is not available and thus LL die due to hunger and not availibilty of medicine all Afghan in their last stage of their lives,in this condition i am requesting you that please put me in a list of migration to Canada,waiting for your fast response that LL be highly appreciated,
    my contacts details is below,
    email: engr.saidghulam@yahoo.com
    mobile contacts:+93772221642/+93766551015
    Best wishes,
    Said Ghulam


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