World’s most advanced oil well service rigs built in Alberta transported to Oman


A massive Cargo plane on Saturday transported the world’s most advanced well service rigs built in Alberta. (File Photo – Antonov)

The Antonov An-124 cargo plane took off from Calgary Airport on Saturday to transport two advanced oil well service rigs to Oman, weighing 130 Metric Tons, said Prasad Panda, the Minister of Infrastructure.

In collaboration with Al Shawamikh Oil Services (AOS) and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Highwood developed a complete well service rig system that strikes the balance between operational cost, speed, and safety, the Highwood Technologies said in a statement.

The statement further added that the automated rigs are ergonomically designed and minimize manual labor, eliminating the need to expose crews to extreme working conditions.

Highwood President Rob Wawrzynowski said “Under some of the most difficult circumstances in Canadian oilpatch history, our innovative approach has created jobs and a much-needed boost to the Alberta economy.”

Wawrzynowski further added “We are excited to be part of the group that helps re-establish Alberta as a world leader in innovation and safety.”

The Highwood team and equipment will be welcomed by dignitaries from the oil and gas community and senior Omani Government officials, the Highwood Technologies said, adding that this summer, all three rigs will be deployed with PDO on a 10-year contract, which will provide hundreds of long-term jobs for Canadians and Omani Nationals.

The statement also added that Highwood is also opening an Oman-based facility to support their international expansion in the Middle East and North Africa.



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