Zim Kingston crew safely access the container bays on the ship in B.C.


The Canadian Coast Guard announces Wednesday that the Zim Kingston crew safely accessed through container bays after the fire was brought under control in the ship.
“With the fire under control, the Zim Kingston crew were able to safely access the container bays on the ship. They now believe that 106 containers went overboard, not 40. The number of containers with hazardous goods – two – has NOT changed,” the Canadian Coast Guard said in a statement posted online.

The statement further addednthat contents of other containers overboard include toys, clothing, automotive parts, industrial parts and furniture. Unified Command expects that some of the containers have sunk and the Environmental Unit will assess for potential impacts.

The Canadian Coast Guard also added that no containers or debris have been reported on shore.

However, Canadian Coast Guard said the National Aerial Surveillance Program (NASP) and our helicopters will be searching today, depending on weather.



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